Welcome to the Alphabet Community

What do all of these letters and labels mean?!

The GLB, LGBTQ2IAA+, Queer, GSRD, and Alphabet Soup community are all one and the same. These are different monikers and attempts at being both inclusive and representational. As humans, we are very social and our bridge between bodies is usually language. That being said, language is often defined by our experiences and context to words and labels. From the start of our coming together for inclusion, representation, and advocacy for our rights and protections, our labels and even our flags have changed many, many times. This page is an effort to explain these a bit, acknowledge that like communities, populations, and people, this is an ever-evolving language and conversation.

Don't worry, we hear you and have even felt a similar sense of confusion and even frustration ourselves. Much like technology things can develop faster than we can adjust or keep up with sometimes. No worries, there are LOTS of resources out there to help keep us educated. You will find a few of those below.