Educational Materials & Videos

Our Rack Cards & Brochures

Much of the information we share on our print materials has been pulled from publicly accessible information and stock photography. We found a lot of our information for our first generation rack cards and brochures from similarly aligned public programs and initiatives such as Gender Spectrum in California. We are sooo excited for the awesome work they are doing including their recent joint effort with the national PFLAG chapter to offer free online Parent Support Groups! Check that out here!!

Feeling overwhelmed? 

Below are a few practices to help with simplifying and focusing your world in the tough moments. 

Grounding to the 5 senses is an introductory mindfulness practice meant to help bring the mind from a spinning state of anxiety and worry to one of presence and clarity. Give it a try!

The Eisenhower Box helps to categorize and prioritize that ever-growing to do list. These specific examples come from a training toward professionals with a lot on their plate and not enough time to get it all done. This is a common enough sentiment, we felt it relevant to share!

To learn more about LGBTQ mental health statistics, research, and support resources beyond what we offer at Hope Development Practice, check out The Trevor Project. The three infographics in this section come from their website. Learn more here.

The above two videos were created and publicly shared by Womens' Advocates. You can find more about this organization, their efforts, and stories in support of survivors of abuse and assault at We thank them for all of their work and efforts!