I am a Relational Art Therapist and AAMFT Supervisor - Candidate. I graduated from Antioch University - Seattle in 2020 and have been with Hope Development since October 2019. I started my helping career volunteering as a caregiver for Alzheimer's, dementia, and multiple sclerosis as a teen. Since then, I have worked in residential treatment, homeless services, harm reduction, child welfare, and recovery. I am open to working with any family constellation. I specialize in working with gender and sexual identity development, religious trauma, intimate partnerships, and the LGBTQIA+ population.  I am a Poly Friendly Professional.

I believe in the healing nature of creative expression to deliver deeper and richer therapeutic work than what can be achieved using words alone. I practice integrated mental health which brings a holistic approach to treating our minds and bodies. I believe that as social creatures our true health is measured, maintained, and supported by our relationships. Because of this belief, I work from a holistic systems approach promoting a functional relational balance with our bodies, self, family, friends, and community.  Through this approach, we can bring about big changes in our lives with several small adjustments. We were not meant to complete life’s journey alone and our best chance at success and sustainable good health is to include and work with as many of our organic supports as possible. 

You will note, I have a service dog. Her name is Rumi Rae. I ask that you do not interact with her unless I have given you explicit permission that day. She is very loving and sociable. She struggles to pay attention to her tasking when people are offering her love and attention. Don't worry, if you ask and it is appropriate, you can get some pittie love.

As a Clinical Supervisor, I believe in the Empowerment Model for supporting new therapists. I am very passionate about creating an evermore representative, inclusive, and competent field of clinicians. Our support of our clients continues to develop as we learn more and more about the brain and body. We are only beginning to understand all of the impacts clients experience in the many systems and occurrences in their lives. Staying connected to student therapists continues to inspire me to stay as current on evidence based practice, research, and treatment approaches. 

We create the future together.