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Our primary goal is to empower LGBTQIA individuals to overcome and navigate the challenges associated with trauma, mental illness, internalized and systemic oppression, grief and loss, and adjustment to major life changes. We believe that:  

What makes Hope Development Practice different is our strategy to move people from help to hope through healing. This mission flows from the research-based conclusion that trauma and insecure attachment in development are passed down across generations. While these symptoms show up on a personal and individual level they are contributed to and healed through the family system. While the original traumas and lessons often come from the family of origin, a system of organic support created during their recovery such as a chosen family and close friends often fosters a durable and compassionate space for healing. 

The Hope Development Practice is 100% not for profit practice. If you are interested in support our practice please select the QR code that most interests you.

Plateau Pride 2024

This funding will assist running our annual event Plateau Pride in south Pierce County


This funding will assist with those patients that do not have medical insurance to cover sessions.

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