Yarden Solomon, MHC-intern


Human connection, sharing stories of joy and pain, and finding solace within genuine relationships has always been a love and passion of mine. Growing up in Chicago to hard working immigrant parents, I felt the isolation, disconnection, and the confusing nature of being a first-generation kid, and sought a sense of belonging and “normalcy.” Through this, I carried an awareness of social justice that led me to support community organizing, involved myself in social work with children with neurodivergence, with an interest in the intersections of mental health and liberation. I found connection and inspiration from queer community advocacy efforts, and became comfortable in belonging in the “not belonging.” I offer therapy that is compassionate, non-judgmental, and accepting of who you are and what you are carrying in the present moment. I believe that effective therapeutic treatments foster connection and safety with each person’s authenticity, and a freedom where you get to be you. I practice integrative approaches, offering supportive strength-based communication, investigation into the different layers and parts of yourself, space to explore your interpersonal relationships, as well as body-based mindfulness practices to process emotions and experiences in other ways besides talking.

I am currently a Master’s student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Antioch University Seattle, and gaining a certification in Trauma therapy from Antioch University Seattle. I practice under the supervision of Abby White LMFT, toward my Clinical Mental Health Counseling License.