Matt Seger, Mental Health Counselor Intern


I believe that one of the most important elements in healing is for those in pain to have an empathic witness, someone who will hold space for them wherever their healing journey takes them and for whatever length of time that takes. My aim is to not have any preconceived notions for what healing looks like for you. I believe that each individual is the expert in the room when it comes to their healing journey. As such, it’s my intent to create a space that welcomes feedback on how therapy is going for you, whether that’s things that work really well and you want more of or things that haven’t landed well on you. I take an eclectic, trauma-centered approach in the counseling room, pulling from a variety of modalities: Attachment/Relational Theory, Somatic Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, Existential Theory, Person-Centered Therapy, among others. 

As a clinician, a systemic lens also influences my practice. Looking at the individual through systems at every level of which they are or have been a part - internal, family, local community, and the broader cultural systems - can help us better understand ourselves, grieve the harm that may have occurred within these systems, and reconnect back to the parts of their identities that haven’t been given their due time and space. 

I am currently in Antioch University’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program and their Trauma Counseling Certificate program.