Daena Puente, BA, MA Intern


I am a master’s degree candidate from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, specializing in Marriage and Family therapy. As a systemic therapist, I focus on repairing the communication and bond within the unit as a whole; as a result, my mission is to alleviate the stresses of life in the hopes that things will fall into place for my clients during our sessions and ease their mental health back to a peaceful state. Having lost my older brother while he was overseas in Iraq at a very young age; feeling as though I lost who I was as an individual, I have come to know and understand grief in every aspect of the word and can offer honest empathy to best comprehend feelings of loneliness, powerlessness, depression, and loss of identity. I provide therapy to individuals, couples, and families from all walks of life exhibiting a wide range of presenting concerns including relationship difficulties, codependency, stress management, depression, anxiety disorders, life transitions, grief/loss, and those struggling with their sexual identity/orientation. I practice under the supervision of Abby White LMFT, toward my Marriage and Family Therapist Associate License.