Lisa Page, MA, Intern Therapist


Our lives tell a story but sometimes, as the author of that story, we can lose the plot. Whether you

are searching for deeper connections, peaceful resolutions, or an understanding surrounding the

‘why’ of a situation, therapy can play an important role in helping us to not only make sense of

our life, but to become the person we long to be. As an LMFT intern, I’m interested in working

from a narrative, solution-focused lens, which means it’s important for me to learn about YOUR

story. We’ll dig into the systems that impact your life – individual, family, community, and

broader cultural influences - and then we’ll use this information to create workable solutions to

achieve your goals.

I’m passionate about creating a safe space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. I really

want to help parents and family members learn how to be the support system their LGBTQIA+

loved ones not only deserve but desperately need. Finally, I believe it is essential to consider how

dominant cultural discourses have impacted the way we all see our place in the world.

I’m currently in Pacific Lutheran University’s Marriage and Family Therapy program. I have a

BA in psychology and a master’s in teaching. I provide therapy to individuals, couples, and

families. I practice under the supervision of Abby White LMFT.