Proudest Pooch Fashion Show

Back for a second year!! 

If you have a PROUD pooch, dress them in their best and proudest outfit and bring them down the runway at Plateau Pride 2024! 

Sign up here!

Please review the Release of Liability and Consent to Participate form.

Please note you are responsible for your dog at all times. Dogs unable to be kept under control of their handler at all times, should not be brought to high stimulation public events. We are in the process of recruiting a dog trainer to assist us in facilitating this year's show and helping provide participants with tips, tricks, and pointers to assist them in working with their dog. Exact details of trainer and extent of their involvement are still pending. 

By participating in Plateau Pride's Proudest Pooch Fashion Show, you agree to hold harmless Hope Development Practice for any potential damages to person, pup, or property. You agree to properly dress and care for your pooch for the duration of the Plateau Pride event. By participating you are under agreeing to hold appropriate pooch socialization boundaries and expectations, as well as booty, shade, and water your dog as appropriate for the day and weather.