Elizabeth Lemon, MA, LMFTA


I received my BA of psychology and my MA in couple and family therapy at Antioch University Seattle. Photography, painting, knitting, poetry, journaling, and short storytelling are my creative outlets, and I love to continue learning new techniques! I believe creativity is an innate part of the human experience and seek to integrate this into my work. I am also part of the amazing team that makes up Narratives of Pain - a grassroots organization that hosts events where people of the community can share their stories of pain to be lovingly witnessed and held by audience members. 

As a narrative, mindfulness, and polyvagal based therapist in Washington state, I collaborate with clients to identify how the conflicts in their lives affect them in mind, body, and spirit, and identify the origins of those stories. Using creative means, the client has space to construct a new story that uplifts their experience and fosters agency within oppressive power systems. 

I work with individuals 16 years old and up who are navigating transitions in life such as launching a child, or deciding which path to take next. Religion or spirituality is integral to the human experience, and issues in our relationship to cultural aspects of our religion/spirituality can surface when navigating life’s ever-changing rhythms. I enjoy working with clients who need a space to discover that aspect of meaning for themselves. I also work with survivors of emotional abuse who need time and space to process the complex effects of an abuse that is largely invisible to the outside world. 

Additionally, I am a Level One Gottman Certified Therapist and enjoy working with couples and other relational dynamics with communication, interrupting unhelpful patterns, and discovering the preferred story of their relationship.