K. René Krein

Intern Mental Health Counselor & Drama Therapist


As a counselor, I will walk beside you as you discover and cultivate what wellness, joy, and liberation mean for you. My experiences in art making and mutual aid have taught me that well-being is a communal, creative, and evolving process. You are in charge of what we do together. I am committed to lifelong engagement in better understanding and divesting from my roles in systemic oppression. I wholeheartedly invite open and candid dialogue about the power dynamics of the counseling relationship and of our social locations. As a creative arts therapist, I may offer activities or exercises beyond traditional talk therapy. I believe that creativity and play are deeply healing for people of all ages! My theoretical orientation is informed by somatics, internal family systems, attachment theory, contemplative psychotherapy, and liberation psychology. My approach is non-pathologizing, abolitionist, and heart-centered. I am in Antioch University’s CMHC program with Drama Therapy and anticipates graduating in June 2024. 

Pronouns: they/them

Pertinent social locations: white | queer | trans | nonbinary | neurodivergent

★ Three words that describe you:

incisive, gentle, dedicated

★ Personal motto

“I’m here for the contrast.”

★ Cause you care about

Sex work harm reduction and decriminalization

★ Quote

“In a troubled time, the willingness to proceed as though you’re needed is a radical act.” 

-Stephen Jenkinson