Elizabeth Lemon, BA, Intern

Elizabeth Lemon, BA, Intern


Currently, I am a Couple and Family Intern at Antioch University Seattle, working towards a trauma certification. I have also trained as a Level One Gottman Therapist and a Level One First Aid Arts Responder.

I believe the dialogue we tell ourselves and our somatic experiences relate to the ways we have been engaged in relationships with those who surrounded us since birth.

Our stories continue to evolve in context with our interactions with our families and communities around us. My approach to therapy is from a systemic perspective, meaning I believe we are inextricably linked to our family, cultural, political, and biological systems. For change to take place, healing needs to happen within an individual’s connections with their systems. I work with clients in the context of their family, body, spirituality, and culture for more collaborative and durable healing and wellbeing.

“Let the beauty we love be what we do”. - Rumi