Charnéi Washington, BA, Intern

Charnéi Washington, BA, Intern (she/her)

A mantra I live by, “healing begins from within.” I believe that every client can navigate the challenges and changes life encompasses. My role is to assist you in reaching whatever goals you may have for yourself within a therapeutic setting. But this starts with you. You are the expert of your life. I strive to empower your strengths individually and relationally while providing encouragement, support, and acceptance of your personal growth and development throughout your journey.

My therapeutic approach incorporates various psychotherapy methods that attend to each unique client’s goals and fulfillment. From anxiety, depression, relational experiences, sexual and gender identity, I offer a safe, nonjudgmental, and open atmosphere for clients of all ages and backgrounds to be their most authentic selves. I believe in incorporating a multicultural experience into practice. It plays such an immense role in one’s overall development and navigation of the traumas many people of color and others of marginalized groups have become exposed to.