Amber Bennick, BA / MA Intern

I am a fierce QueerFemme (sex orientation, sexuality, gender identity) that has passing privilege in Orientation, Gender, disability, dogma, SES, and Presentation. I use Queer theory view of the Bronfenbrenner Ecological Model as my foundation with a strength-based trauma-informed gender-affirming lens as a therapist. I am also a certified bodyworker that incorporates a holistic lens of biopsychosocial-spiritual, sexuality, community, and career. The legacy of my work is to holistically healing intergenerational trauma, where I integrate my training in bodywork, consciousness, spirituality, and integration. I have pursued certificates in sex education and therapy during my graduate program . I enjoy working with youth, young adults, and families in the areas of trauma, shame, neurodiversity, relational healing, and holistic growth. I truly believe with the right tools, sense of belonging, and self-compassion everyone can find a way to be at peace within their bodies and feel safe.